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Music Analysis Mus-120 December 4, 2013 For my presentation I choose the song “Love Into the Light” by Ke$ha. When people think of Ke$ha, they usually think of someone who just wants to party, dance, and have sex, but there is more to her and her songs than just that. Kesha Sebret was “born in Los Angeles on March 1, 1987” (Kesha). She moved to Nashville shortly after, with her mother, Pebe Sebret, and her older brother Lagan. Ke$ha’s mother was also a singer/songwriter, which influenced Ke$ha at a young age and got her familiar with writing and recording songs (Kesha). Pebe is known for writing songs, such as, Dolly Parton’s song “Old Flames Can’t Hold a Candle to You”. Ke$ha’s mom also helped her write several of her songs, which included “We R Who We R” and “Your Love is My Drug”(Kesha). When she was 17, she dropped out of high school to move to Los Angeles to follow her dream of making it big. She also changed her name from Kesha to Ke$ha with a money sign. She did this as irony because she had no money and was living in her car, even though she sang the girl vocals in Flo Ridas’ song “Right Round”. She took no credit for singing with Flo Rida because Ke$ha did not want to get her fame from anyone else, but from her own work (Kesha). In order to do this by herself, she went as far as bribing the gardener and breaking into Princes house to give him a CD demo, which he accepted and enjoyed. She now has three major albums to date, Animal, Cannibal, and Warrior. The song “Love Into the Light” is from her third album, Warrior. When analyzing this song, I started by looking at the verses first, than the chorus last. This made it easier to come up with a total conclusion on what the song may mean, since there is no actual music video. Ke$ha starts her song with pointing out her flaws and showing how vulnerable she is. She says that she knows she is not

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