Analysis Of Lewis Monologue

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English – Stream of Consciousness 12/09/2012 Cherry - Monologue Lewis, ah Lewis. The first man since entering this disgusting place that’s actually cared about me. He cares, unlike the others, Zach and Henry are always too drugged to show emotion, Roy only holds feelings for himself and Doug... He’s just a cat burning tyrant! I..I hate him, I hate all of them, but not, not Lewis... Lewis cares. He’s not like the other guys, he won’t hurt me like they did, he wouldn’t put me here... Would he? No, I know he wouldn’t, he cares, he likes me. I take care of him, and he takes care of me. I get so lonely in here. Living with people who don’t exactly care about you doesn’t offer much comfort. Time doesn’t really move forward either, it stays still

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