Analysis of Let America Be America Again

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Both poems, written by Langston Hughes, have similar theme and message. ‘Let America be America Again’ is the expression of discontentment and disappointment of him, or you can say of the minorities that were stated in the passages of the poems: African-American, Indian, immigrants, and even the poor while ‘I, Too, Sing America ‘specifically tells about a black slave which was discriminated upon and driven off to eating the kitchen in humiliation (because that day those who ate in the kitchen are just slave and animal ).In ‘Let America be America Again’, the author criticize how America was at that day, and—maybe—this day. He saw that something was off with America, it’s not the real America everyone been dreaming of, it is not the Promised Land which filled with freedom in the air, and equality of human. Hughes saw that equality is just for the majority while the minority could not enjoy it. "Freedom for all" has always only ever come with the footnote, "some restrictions may apply." Hughes protested on how America made of, it was still controlled by the strong and rich, while the minority suffers. The immigrants came to grasp the ‘American dream’ but They ended up in the same old evil chain and found that their dream almost died. They cannot enjoy the freedom and the opportunity that this country had even though they did the big job of building America. However, we could see that the people told in the poem did not want to give up. They still want to get their ‘American dream’, and had faith that someday America will be the true land of freedom and equality where mankind from many races gather and pursuit their happiness fairly. Come to the analysis of ‘I, Too, Sing America.’ It means that someone in this poem acknowledging himself as the people of America. He sings America anthem, and think of himself as American, but however, we can read a satire expression
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