Analysis Of Leadership Style Of Training Day

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The definition of leadership in the book is “The process of influencing group activities towards the achievement of goals.” Looking at Alonzo and Jake, both are leaders – although both different styles of leadership. Alonzo is able to influence Jake to do various things throughout the day with persuasion – to catch a wolf you need to be a wolf etc. Alonzo influenced Jake to drink, take PCP and go with him on various “missions”. Everything that he influences Jake to do, he gives a logical reason for doing so e.g. Never refuse drugs from a drug dealer, it will blow your cover. Alonzo also had a great following with his team – they were willing to follow his lead and do whatever he said. He influenced them in many different areas, even if it was for wrongdoing – he still displayed leadership. (Think Hitler and others who were all leaders – although they were not for any good.) Hoyt displayed leadership abilities when he took control of events at the end. Particularly in the neighborhood where the gang members still told him that they had his back. Under Power: Alonzo showed expert power (He knows more than Hoyt and shows him the ropes) and coercive power (power based on fear and that Alonzo has the ability to administer punishment of some sort – remember the scene where he demands Hoyt take drugs and pulled out a gun on him. Also when they shot Roger and were going to make Hoyt take the blame – if he was not going to – then Alonzo started saying that they can shoot him and “Today an LAPD Narcotics agent died while….” Alonzo also has reward power – thought getting his team to make detective in 18 months as well as the monetary power that the team members shared in with Rogers stash of cash. Also Alonzo displays the Directive style of leadership – Do as I say. This was evidenced in many different areas in the movie – including when they get the whole team

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