Analysis of Leadership Role in the Furtherance of Management Goals

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Analysis of Leadership Role in the Furtherance of Management Goals Outline This paper will assess the development of Scandinavian Airline System (SAS) over a particular period from the late 1970’s through the mid 1990’s. We will track the various changes implemented in the company and how those changes affected the company as a whole, both in terms of performance, as well as organizationally. Specifically, we will examine the role of Managing Director Jan Carlzon and the form of leadership displayed on his part during his tenure as part of top management. We will develop a more nuanced perspective of how leadership interacts with the seemingly similar concepts of managers and management. We can then utilize this understanding to more clearly discuss the underlying factors in the successes and failures of SAS and its managers. SAS Is Heading In The Wrong Direction And Needs A Transformational Force At the end of the 1970’s, during a period of industry-wide difficulty, SAS was not doing well. An airline largely controlled by its governments, with large inefficiencies, SAS was losing money and not well positioned going forward.1 Another direction was needed, along with management who could implement new methods and bring about positive change throughout the company. Jan Carlzon, considered a talented “communicator”, was appointed managing director, and tasked with turning around the company financially. Indeed, Carlzon was able to achieve dramatic results for the betterment of SAS. A Combination Of Strategy And Leadership As opposed to focusing on streamlining operations, Carlzon implemented shifts in strategy that were particularly suited to his management style. SAS was to become a service-driven airline, elevating the customers’ experience to the number one priority. This would enable SAS to cater to businessmen, who were less concerned with cost,

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