Analysis of King/Hitler Speech

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Laura Harvey Principles of Leadership BA-223 Analysis of King/Hitler Speech September 15, 2013 Analysis of King/Hitler Speech Martin Luther King Jr. and Adolf Hitler were two men who changed the world from behind a podium. They were both influential leaders that motivated a great number of people and left a lasting impact on society. The impressions these men made were undoubtedly different, but when comparing King’s “I have a dream” speech to one of Hitler’s historical speeches, it is possible to find similarities in how they influenced their followers. In the speeches analyzed, both King and Hitler were able to encourage unification amongst their followers. The two men understood and appreciated the missions of their supporters, adapted to their audiences, and remained themselves while stepping up as leaders. Both men utilized these three key principles of influence, but the specifics of how they did so differed (McGrawHillPro, 2011). In Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream,” he understood the mission, to eliminate racism and unify all men. King knew his audience and adapted his speech in an attempt to reach people of all races and religions, and in all regions across the nation. He also remained himself by demonstrating integrity and courage, sticking to his beliefs and not backing down, despite potential opposition (MartinLKingJrDay, 2009). On the other hand, Hitler understood his supporter’s mission of creating equality amongst the classes and desire for stable leadership; he adapted his message to the German people and to empower masses of youth. Hitler demonstrated his independence and ownership of the cause through his political authority (WaffenSS397, 2008). King and Hitler were leaders who built effective visions, one way they communicated them to their followers was through public speeches. Physical delivery is an important aspect of
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