Analysis Of Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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The opening chapters of this book read much like a novel. I learned who the major characters are and what background information is necessary to understand the next chapters as they unfold. However, this story is not fiction because the people and events are real. The author, Krakauer, is telling McCandless’ story, making it third person limited. It would be different if his mother or sister or even another writer told his story. Krakauer begins the story with the end, by telling of McCandless’ fate. It makes me wonder how someone with so much going for him could end up so tragically. Alex earned those he encounter’s trust easily. They viewed him as friendly, well educated, from a good home, and hardworking. Even though he was not obligated to have a job, Alex worked harder at his job at McDonald’s than any other worker. Although McCandless was careful not to share much of his personal life with the people he met, they trusted him.…show more content…
The setting of the story makes for an eerie tone throughout the book. Krakauer describes the weather and McCandless’ surroundings in such detail, I feel as if I am watching the scene unfold in front of me. Krakauer makes me feel anxious and scared for Alex as I sit on the edge of my seat reading. I am curious to why Alex made the decision he did to come to Alaska. It triggers Bible stories; the challenge to give up everything he had to become closer to God. Also, if he knew his last breath would be in Alaska; his last letter saying he might die. Krakauer makes me think that Alex’s troubles are his authentic self-vs. reality or that he values possessions more than
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