Analysis Of In Defense Of The Fistfight, By Michael Kinahan

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1 Essay 3- Topic #4 Violence and Competition are Everywhere Whether it be through news stations, videogames, TV shows, movies, or sports, Americans are constantly being exposed to violence. Especially in sports, not only is there often verbal violence among the fans, but there’s even physical violence when it comes to the competitive aspect between the players themselves. For this reason, the youth anxious to become part of a team have been converted into spectators rather than participators. Author Michael Kinahan’s satirical email entitled “Losing is for Losers,” discusses this topic of violence and competition and has the reader believe that America is noncompetitive because competition often involves violence. Chris Jones’ essay “In Defense of the Fistfight,” also revolves around the topics violence and competition, but takes a different perspective.…show more content…
Although both articles are similar when it comes to their sarcastic tones and the general topics of their writings, the fact that Kinahan believes that youth is non-competitive due to fear of violence and Jones believes that we use the Internet instead of facing violence face to face, is what distinguishes the two pieces from one another. Kinahan believes that “America’s youth are becoming fat, lazy, and non competitive because competition is viewed as ‘bad’” (344). He believes that parents are ultimately babying their kids, and sheltering them from any type of violence that arises in the sports world. Children are growing up and thriving on the idea that competition

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