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In the essay, "In a Land of Forks and Spoons," the author tells readers of her first-hand experience of being culturally different from the people around her. The writer uses vivid and detailed descriptions to help readers better envision her anecdote of being a kindergartener. By explaining that, "pointing at a person with my middle finger was considered inappropriate and rude," and, "that I had never once in my life ordered pizza over the phone," she compares the differences in the Chinese and American culture. She also states, "I sought after the clear blue eyes, the bouncy golden locks, and the pink frilly dresses," instead of possessing, "straight black hair, my slanted, dull brown eyes, and my summer outfit."…show more content…
We have all heard the age-old questions of whether or not old dogs can learn new tricks, or if there really is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. Well, the writer has all the answers to the Chinese related age-old questions that her fellow classmates inquire about. While her peers interrogate the kindergartener with questions such as, "If you don't get an A on this math test, does that mean your parents will beat you," and, "What does 'Ching Chong Chung Choo Chang' mean," she simply responds with an unenthusiastic answer of either yes or no. While being questioned, she has the ever familiar urging need to be, "a four-foot, blond-haired Barbie." To make matters worse, the then kindergartener finds out that her class will be learning about her culture. She is given the unpleasant news that her mother will be showing her classmates how to paint, and that she herself will have to perform a traditional dance. The kindergartener is horrified by the news and conveys that she, "would have much rather hid under a rock than face something as uncomfortable and embarrassing as that." She is embarrassed by her mother and her culture

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