Analysis Of Herzog's Psychological State

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A Psychological Analysis of Moses Herzog in Relation to Letters He Writes In the book Herzog by Saul Bellow, Moses Herzog’s psychological state starts at a point from the beginning that is more absentminded and quickly progresses to a dangerously low point in his life, until finally he has an epiphany of sorts and reaches an inner peace. The inner workings of Herzog’s mind are hidden within the letters he compulsively writes throughout the novel. When analyzed, the letters truly reveal the psychological state that Herzog is in. Herzog takes a revolutionary path to reach the ultimate pinnacle in human cognitive ability: self-actualization. When the novel Herzog starts out, Moses Herzog was a once very wealthy man. Now, Herzog is in shambles to the outside world. He absent-mindedly goes through the day. He eats, he sleeps, and all the while his house slowly turns into a state of great untidiness. His sanity was rumored to have completely left him, he didn’t believe that. The letters he began to write started out as little scribbles, some words, and incoherent strings of words. Then, they became more. They slowly transformed into small thoughts and complete sentences, up to the point where he now writes letters that will never be sent. These letters are why Herzog never fully loses his grip on reality, sanity. The letters were a link to what he once knew the world as. His first letter, as observed by the reader, was more of a compilation of letters: Dear Mama, As to why I haven’t visited your grave in so long… Dear Wanda, Dear Zinka, Dear Libbie, Dear Ramona, Dear Sono, I need help in the worst way. I am afraid of falling apart. Dear Edvig, the fact is that madness also has denied me. I don’t know why I should write to you at all. Dear Mr. President, Internal revenue regulations will turn us into a nation of bookkeepers. The life of every citizen is becoming a

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