Analysis Of Hercules: The Heroic Journey Of The Incredible Hercules

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The Heroic Journey of the Incredible Hercules Hercules was the son of Zeus and Alcmene. He was born hated by the goddess Hera because of Zeus’ relationship with Alcmene. From an early age Hercules got his first taste of near death experinces when two snakes were placed in his cradle but he grabbed both of those snakes with his shockingly strong hands for an infant and killed them. Hercules life proved already to be a dangerous one, but little did he know that his Hero’s Journey was ahead of him. Hercules life was already a champion wrestler, an excellent marksman with a bow and arrow, and having the ability of superhuman strength just added to his heroic charisma. He meets a young girl named Megara. Time goes by and he then marries…show more content…
To atone for this crime and regain his honor, he goes to King Eurystheus of Mycenae. Hercules asks the king if there is anything he could do to make up for the slaughtering of his family he cherished so much. The king had no answer on the spot for Hercules, so he consulted the gods and asked what kind of act could restore some of his honor. The king got his answer but from a god that has no intention of seeing Hercules live and that god was the goddess Hera. Hera proposed that in order for Hercules to be forgiven he is to perform 12 labors. Once Hercules is told about his quest he must complete he separates from his home and goes out to complete the 12 labors the King informed him about. Hercules begins his initiation by visiting and slaying the Nemian Lion which had an indestructible pelt, knowing this he strangles it to death using his strength. His second labor was a treacherous one because he had to destroy the multi headed Hydra. The Hydra is a snake that regenerates heads after you slice one off. This proved to be too much for Hercules. Luckily for him though, his nephew Iolaus was around to give him a helping head. Now that Iolaus was assisiting in this labor Hercules could cut off one of the heads and Iolaus could then cauterize it and it wouldn’t regenerate. This system they developed seemed to work until the immortal head of the Hydra emerged. Hercules…show more content…
Hercules patiently stalked and learned the behavior of the female deer for a year until the opportunity to shoot arose and Hercules shot between the deer’s tendons so it wouldn’t draw blood. Hercules fourth labor was to capture the giant boar and bring it back to King Eurystheus. Hercules fifth labor was to clean King Augeas stables in a single day without getting any filth on himself. He completed this by dividing a river so it would be diverted and could flow smoothly into the stables and he wouldn’t get dirty. Hercules sixth labor was to slay the Stymphalian birds. Hercules did this by using a rattle to get them to expose themselves, once they did he aimed his poison arrows and shot them all down. Hercules seventh labor was to defeat the Minotaur. He completee this by using brute strength to overpower it and banishing it back to the mainland. Hercules eighth labor was to bring King Eurystheus the mares of Diomedes. These were by no means your average horses because they had a love for human flesh. Hercules herded all of them up and brought them back to the King. Hercules ninth labor was to acquire the belt of Queen Hippolyta for King Eurystheus daughter. Hercules completed this labor relatively easily because the Queen took a liking to him and graciously gifted the belt to him. Hera began to get worried and saw that this wasn’t a challenge and that Hercules was completing these labors unscathed so she started a

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