Analysis Of Group Assignment

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ANALYSIS OF CONTRIBUTION TO GROUP PROJECT The group had an informal meeting on Saturday, October 24 immediately following its formation. We heard in an unofficial way, some expectations of members. Suzie dominated and emphatically spoke about the last minute rush which she abhors. She reiterated her unwillingness to be stressed out with late hours, and displayed urgency about time, claiming this as one of her ‘A’ papers. Brinx shared similar sentiments, in addition to being extremely competitive, and a high achiever (“must get A”); both fit the Type A personality. Marvin was less vocal and was rather agreeable with what was presented by the foregoing members; Laura the writer, somewhat of an introvert, expressed herself as being less competitive, comfortable with a passing grade (“A not absolutely necessary at her age), and easy going; both fit Type B personality. After, examination of the methods at our disposal, the group decided to employ the debriefing instrument in undertaking the assignment. Having agreed on this approach, the time and date for the next meeting was set. The first scheduled meeting on October 29 had attendance of all four members. The meeting was originally set for October 27 but was pushed back to the above date, as Suzie had an unavoidable work commitment. This move was initiated by Brinx after having dialogue with Marvin was agreed by all, as we were quite happy for the opportunity to catch up on our reading. Suzie and Brinx took control. We discussed and agreed on some group norms, such as assignment at hand, prospective meeting days to complete the project, sub team members, and the level of participation required for each member to receive full marks, areas to be covered, inter alia. The team was divided into two sub teams. Suzie and Laura were commissioned as one team to provide the relevant information on Company X and

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