Analysis of Ginsberg's a Supermarket in California

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In A Supermarket in California Allen Ginsberg is explaining how vivid Walt’s images are as if you are actually there, with him, in his poems. As the reader is walking throughout this grocery store, it becomes increasingly evident that the writer is recalling previous readings of Whitman’s, and replaying them in his mind. He is trying to get the reader to understand when he reads Whitman’s poems his descriptions are so intense that he feels as if it is actually happening. He addresses Whitman throughout the entirety of the poem as soon as he is reminded of a poem he has previously read. What I took from Ginsberg’s intense recollection of Whitman’s works is that Whitman must have left an enormous impact in his mind through poetry. Ginsberg then wrote this poem to share the bond between himself and Whitman’s poetry. Not only did Ginsberg convince me of Whitman’s lyrical genius, but along the way made me feel as if I was walking down the isles of this grocery store, and solitary streets right along with him. Ginsberg initially starts the poem off with him simply letting the reader know he has Whitman on his mind, and that he has wandered into the grocery store. Right from the very beginning the writer hooked me in with his vivid descriptions of wandering down side streets into the grocery store. After the entrance into the store I begin to partake in a journey; walking with a “childless, lonely old grubber” up and down the grocery isles asking questions. Just as much as Ginsberg placed me inside of his shoes, he also gave me a greater appreciation for Whitman by simply accompanying him on this short

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