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Analysis of Gender Roles in the Media

  • Submitted by: eeessabbeeell
  • on March 31, 2014
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The media has the gold; therefore the media makes the rules. Whether we like it or not, a vast majority of us use it to enhance our own sense of belonging and obligation to become a better person, but only, however, if we look a certain way, or drive a specific type of car. It’s what drives us to be who we think we are and/or what we think we want to be only because we allow it. At such an early age girls are taught to play with makeup and frilly dresses while boys are taught to play with Legos and mud. Tradition and upbringing also plays a huge part in who we will all eventually become. In all honesty after you are grown up and just live your life how you were brought up, it all becomes so normal that you don’t realize you’re doing what society and the media says you’re “supposed” to do.   There are few exceptions and I do include myself to be a part of said exception that doesn’t always grow up how the media says so. I believe there is nothing wrong with a woman having both feminine and masculine traits and this should not in any way intimidate men as it often does.
Films and short commercial clips teach us that the man in the suit driving a nice car will ultimately get the gorgeous model to fall in love with him at the end as opposed to the waiter or bus boy in the background. That scenario on its own makes men want to be successful does it not? The same goes for women vs women ads where the pretty super model with the airbrushed face and million dollar tan runs off with said man in the suit as opposed to the slightly overweight girl in jeans and a t-shirt. The creators of that commercial are telling us what a “normal” person looks like. Music, perfume ads, clothing ads, bilboards etc. all drive what we consume and how we behave in public, our homes and eventually how and what we teach our kids. As we grow older and as the media changes, what is considered “normal” will change and so will we.
The way someone is raised and what environment that person is...

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