Analysis of Fujian Tea Exported to Japan

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Group Project Analysis of Fujian Tea Exported to Japan Part 1: Introduction Located in Southeast China with great natural conditions, Fujian Province has long been famous for tea industry. Nowadays, with the rapid development of economy, tea industry from Fujian Province has established a multilevel production base and a specialized pattern. Complete range of tea leaves are provide such as oolong tea, jasmine tea and white tea. However, it is not doing so well in export. As opposed to the No.1 place in tea production in China, export numbers keep dropping down. Although total tea export amount raised recently, it is still a slight increase in range. To solve current export issue, eyes should be focused on the largest tea consumer country------ Japan. Tea culture is a very important part in Japanese culture. As one of the most important target markets of tea leaves from Fujian province, marketing plan has to be tailored for Japan. To conduct a more detailed marketing plan, we need to do some research on the country. Part 2: Analysis of tea market in Japan Japan has a huge demand of tea in the world. Japan is now an important target market for Fujian province and even the whole China. To make sure we can make a right marketing strategy for Fujian province to export, it’s very important to discuss the Japanese tea market. 1. The production status of tea in Japan Japanese existing tea garden covers an area of 48500 hectares, but tea variety is single. In tea industry, the mechanization and automation degree is high. From the 1920 s, Japan was already use some simple machine in tea processing, after decades of development, the tea machine is advanced, not only the production but the product quality is stable. In addition, Japanese tea products are effective in the development and utilization. They use oolong tea, green

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