Analysis of Final Solution

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I have placed an input box on the first page of my product to allow it to fit in with the project brief. This means the user of the project is able to enter their name on this page which will then be placed throughout the product to make it personal to them. I did this because I feel it is a good way to get the children involved within the product allowing them to have fun whilst learning. I placed a large bold title in the centre of the page, I did this so it was the focal point of the product making it stand out; I chose a ‘childish’ font so it was able to fit in well with my intended audience. Although the font is childish it is easy read allowing the child to not have to struggle to understand what is written on the page. I have placed a large enter button at the bottom of the page so it is clear for the user to see where they need to click to proceed to the next page. I have ensured I have placed instructions on the page so that the user understands that the white box is there for them to enter their name into, I feel without this instruction the user may not have fully understood what they would have needed to do. I have used a bright yellow and orange background so it is very colourful for the child; I feel a bright background may help to keep their concentration easier as they are not just staring at a dull screen. I have then used contrasting text to allow it to be easily read by the audience using the product. On this page I have given the user the chance to choose their own character in which they can be throughout their use of the product. I have placed three different characters onto the page so the child has a wide range of choices. I decided to do a rollover on this page as I feel this would be most effective for my target audience. When the user rolls their mouse over a certain character that character then becomes enlarged so the user is able to
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