Analysis of Final Destination

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Final Destination Film Analysis Though life has many choices for our entertainment purposes, film is a universal one that most people truly love to indulge in. To appease our hunger for amusement, we may like to fully participate in activities, such as sports, watch others perform, such as in plays, or once again sports, or simply cuddle up with a book. No matter which avenues one may pursue in the quest for leisure activities, movies offer a little fantasy escape of a totally different variety. Many people also don’t have the time nor desire to read a book, so film offers a speedy and easier solution to that. For the length of a movie, we are transported to another place, time or even galaxy or imaginary world. Film seeks to entertain, scare, educate, enlighten, or even anger us, but the average person will just view a movie, and accept it at face value. We as a rule don’t seek out, nor take the time to fully analyze a film. This is not to say that we don’t perhaps consequently acknowledge and understand the point they were trying to get across to us, but we don’t go into depth in our head to scrutinize it, and break it down into segments. The typical person does not give much thought to the behind the scenes elements of a movie. Making a movie does indeed involve a lot of thought and planning though, concerning the utilization of such things as: • Camera angles • Lighting, music, and sound choices • Theme • Character development • Linear or chronological structure • Use of allegory meaning, symbolism,metaphors,irony,or leitmotif • Screen format, and film stock • Setting , costumes, and makeup My film selection was Final Destination, a horror-suspense type movie. The theme focuses on the concepts of determinism, predestination, and precognition in regards to the subject of death. Tag lines such as “no accidents, no coincidences, no

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