Analysis of Erp in Business Sector

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Contents Interview No. 1 3 Interview No. 2 5 Interview No. 3 7 Interview No. 1 Name: Paul Erickson Position: Internal Auditor Company: American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. Job Description: * Improving and communicating new objectives to the staff at different levels. * Controlling and monitoring the working of numerous softwares like ERP, Microsoft excel etc. * Determining the potential risks and providing risk management framework. * Increasing efficiency in operational activities Sr. No | Helpful | Not So Helpful | What do you do to handle the not so helpful | 1 | It took my team around two-weeks every six months to perform the auditing of in-house operations as well as suppliers. Using SAP and ERP reduced this time to 1 week annually. | It took 3 training sessions and plenty of mistakes before my team of 3 people became well-versed with using this integrated software. | As an auditor I have to give more attention to the risk to which the company is exposed to due implementation of ERP system. As every department experience changes right from accounting and technological issues and information integrity because of the SAP ERP implementation. | 2 | Since the implementation of ERP system I and my team observed that ERP gave boost to the quality of internal control system and auditing in the organization. As the ERP system brings together the financial and operational data in a form of complex information. Through this my team is able to enter the transactions automatically without pre-checking or reviewing. | On the other hand, I and my team experienced an increase in risk in the operational strategies and implementation of ERP system. The risks involves that if the output of one department is a failure, it affects all other departments. | I have to gain more knowledge regarding updated technology for meeting the

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