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Analysis Paper #2 Perceptual Map: Energy bar market Perceptual Map Analysis The perceptual map for the Energy bar market is an analysis on where brands are positioned in the market according to their most important attributes; price and how many calories are in each bar. According to Consumer Search, experts say the bar that's best is one that tastes good and provides the right amount of calories and nutrients (given your gender, activity level, and overall diet.) (Consumer Search, 2010) The map that is being analyzed is a determinant gap map. The two attributes that are being looked at are known as determinant attributes. According to the book, determinant attributes are attributes that both differentiate and are important. (Crawford, 2005) There are a few gaps in the map in the low price and low caloric content area. This particular map is very efficient but according to the book have the weakness of being driven by only managerial judgment. (Crawford, 2005) The problem with the determinant gap map approach is that the analysis will sometimes be wrong due to the inability to actually find out what the pulse of the customer is. The two gaps in the map are definite opportunities in the energy bar segment. According to the book, Gap analysis is a statistical technique with immense power under certain circumstances. (Crawford, 2005) This particular map is analyzing the Energy bar market highlighting and pointing out the two opportunities in the low price and low caloric content areas. ------------------------------------------------- Price ------------------------------------------------- Price Pria Bar Pria Bar Clif Kid Zbar Clif Kid Zbar Gap#2? Gap#2? Gap#1?? Gap#1?? Kashi TLC Kashi TLC Soy Joy Bar Soy Joy Bar ------------------------------------------------- Low ------------------------------------------------- Low

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