Analysis of Early Years Writing

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Analysis of early Years writing In this paper I have investigated a sample of a child’s writing, in relation to theories of cognitive and social development of children in early years of their schooling. I have drawn on the relevant literature in order to conduct an analysis of this child’s writing and the possibilities of a number of teaching and learning strategies that might be employed in a program of writing instruction for this child. This sample of writing indicates that the child in question is at the early stage of level two writing. According to the Victorian curriculum and assessment authority (VCAA, 2005) level two, students include some related ideas about familiar topics. And they also write short sequenced text. The familiar topic my child Simon has written about is basketball, which shows that this is a familiar topic to him. The VCAA also states that, they write texts that convey ideas and information to known audiences. This relates to Simons writing, as he was writing it for his teacher which was a known audience to Simon. The VCCA then goes on to suggest pronouns, conjunctions and adverbial phrases are used to link ideas in a variety of ways. Simon uses time in his first sentence when he writes, “On the weekend” Simon also uses conjunctions such as “and” to link sentences. However Simon does not use pronouns in this piece of writing. Simon makes use of known spelling patterns to make plausible attempts at spelling unfamiliar words and he accurately spells frequently used words. (VCCA, 2005) Simon shows this by spelling well known words correctly such as: on, the, played, and, we and weekend. Simon also makes reasonable attempts at words such as brskbll (Basketball) and NoKetietr (knockout). VCCA also states that the students use capital letters, full stops and question marks correctly. Simon

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