Analysis Of Crash: The Consequences Of Social Psychology

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Jake Mellott Crash Humans are social creatures, interacting with one another among various cultures, races and characteristics. Humans are able to form perceptions of one another and develop relationships based on personalities, impressions, and inferences. Social Psychology allows individuals to analyze the interactions of people and assess their behaviors and motivations. Crash gives a realistic insight on the impacts of racism across all races and the effects of racist behaviors on other individuals. Crash provides a perspective on the consequences of racism, illustrating that all races of people are often both victims and perpetuators. Many people assume that racism is created from a blind fear without any legitimate causation…show more content…
People use schemas to help us organize and make sense of the world and to fill in the gaps of our knowledge (49). Schemas aid people in absorbing the events going on in their environment and organize our thoughts so that we can better assess what is occurring around us and to live more steadily. In some situations, we may cause our schemas to come true based off of the way we treat people leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy. Self-fulfilling prophecies are when a person has an expectation about what another person is like, which influences how they act toward that person, which causes that person to behave consistently with people’s original expectations, making the expectations come true (53). In Crash, two young African-American men (Anthony and Peter) are exiting a restaurant discussing the alleged racism their waitress displayed towards them while they pass a Caucasian couple (Jean and Rick Cabot). As the two groups take notice of each other, Jean Cabot pulls herself closer to her husband as she notices Peter and Anthony walking in their direction. Anthony takes notice of Jean’s nonverbal communication and witnesses the blatant racism and begins another rant on how the white people should not be afraid of them due to the fact that they are the only two black people in the area. However, Jean’s racist thoughts were proven correctly when Peter and…show more content…
Communities want individuals to be viewed with respect and honor in order to give hope to their neighborhoods. Impression management, which is the attempt by people to get others to see them the way they want to be seen (127), is essential for political positions or heroes in a community. Detective Graham is offered the opportunity to frame a white police officer for shooting and killing a black officer for the good of the community and also for a promotion in his career. The black officer was out of control and flashing his gun at the other officer while on drugs and carrying three hundred thousand dollars in his car. The white officer justifiably shot the black officer and was framed for murder so people would perceive the fallen black officer as “a hero” rather than another drug dealer in the inner city. The idea to prosecute the white cop will not only give hope to the community, but also will show that the white district attorney is also fighting for the black community and gain their votes for election. While Crash is only a movie, a fictitious depiction of a set of varied circumstances, it is also clear that it very accurately represents not only racism, but also provides a window through which we can organize these scenarios of human interactions in terms of accepted principles of Social

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