Analysis Of College Pressures By William Zinsser

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Angel Alvarez Professor Tarkan-Blanco ENC 1102 13 May 2012 Reading Response One In “College Pressures”, William Zinsser shares his personal experiences as a dean in Bradford College, in hopes of breaking the pressures induced to college students, and stopping the erroneous idea in Zinsser’s view, “How one appears on paper is more important than how one appears in person.” (452) Zinsser believes that college years should be a joyful, enriching, and cultural experience to college students instead of an agonizing mapped road towards a monotonous career. Zinsser reminds his students “... The road ahead is a long one and that it will have more unexpected turns that they think. there will be plenty time to change jobs, change careers, change whole attitudes and approaches.” (451) Thus, Zinsser advices the student body to take chances and explore…show more content…
Zinsser counsels his students to explore humanities, educate themselves on all subjects, and become jack’s of all trades instead of carrying on a feeble career curriculum. Ultimately, what Zinsser desires for his students is “What I wish for all students is some release from the clammy grip of the future. I wish them a chance to savor each segment of their education as an experience itself and not as a grim preparation for the next step. I wish them the the right to experiment, to trip and fall, to learn that defeat is as instructive as victory and is not the end of the world.” (451) Yet, Zinsser acknowledges his wishes are naive seeing as, the college student, has economical, parental, peer, and self induced pressure as it is. If trying to pursue a lackluster paved road is already a challenge itself, that taxes on the

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