Analysis Of Carr's Essay: Is Google Making USupid

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Perhaps the sensational changes in the technological world might raise divergent opinions on the fate of the current generation. Philosophers in particular are perturbed by the way the internet is wasting away the traditional methods of research and the natural intelligence of the mortal man. In Carr’s essay; ‘Is Google making us stupid?’ Carr alludes from Socrates’ view that people would be thought of as, “having knowledge when they are actually illiterate due to the unorganized internet knowledge.” It is also a worry by scholars that the internet may at great extend induce laziness amongst students on a claim that they will lose the habit of looking for books and reading them (Carr 533-541). Carr is particularly worried that his level of concentration is not to the maximum. The author admits that when goggling, he would sometimes, “sneak into other pages because of some attractive features or because of curiosity and forget about his work.” However, his opinion is baseless as internet - Google in specific - will actually sharpen the society’s knowledge and expound their level of thinking (Carr 533-541). The article also refers to Plato’s “Phaedrus,” part of the section that opens up counter-argument. It reminds us that various technological changes stretch far back–and that…show more content…
It has also promoted the education sector. However, the society should not rely so much on the web and forget their natural brain. They should treat it as a reference material and not as an external brain. In addition, Google services should be denied to individuals at tender ages to enable them train their minds and nature their intellectual abilities. This will greatly reduce laziness amongst the productive generation – the youths, and in turn cultivate self –

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