Analysis of Caroline Abbott of Where Angels Fear to Tread

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Where Angels Fear to Tread Caroline Abbott’s development through chapters 5 and 7 Miss Caroline Abbott is first mentioned in chapter 5 on page 73, line 17. Mrs Herriton tells Philip that both Irma and Abbott has been told about Lilia’s death, and that Abbott broke down crying when she heard the news. In this part of the novel, Caroline Abbott is still a quite shallow character. We, the readers, still don’t know her qualities as a person. On page 74, we start to unwind the character of Abbott, which Philip says on line 6: He was surprised. Miss Abbott, between Sawston and Charing Cross, revealed qualities which he had never guessed her to possess. Without being exactly original, she did show a commendable intelligence, and though at times she was gauche and even uncourtly he felt that here was a person whom it might be well to cultivate. She and Philip is driving in the train to London, and she tells him about Monteriano and how she encouraged Lilia and Gino to marry each other. Philip is very shocked and exasperated at this news. Caroline shows on page 74, line 20, that she actually has broad knowledge of what’s going on around her and how others perceive her: “But that’s why I can talk about it and tell you everything. I have always wanted to. You thought me stupid and sentimental and wicked and mad, but you never really knew how much I was to blame.” It is also on this trip that Caroline explains to Philip how she feels about Sawston, which shows Philip that they might have more in common than he thought. In this paragraph on page 76, line 13, she wraps up Sawston very well in few sentences: “Petty unselfishness,” she repeated. “I had got an idea that everyone here spent their lives in making little sacrifices for objects they didn’t care for, to please people they didn’t love; that they never learned to be sincere – and, what’s as bad,

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