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Bohemian Rhapsody Jessica ODonnell Western Governors University Bohemian Rhapsody Although it is a song that I have heard many times in the past, while initially listening to the musical works “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen for this assignment I was surprised by the lyrical story being told. My initial impression of the song being played was the story being portrayed of a young man who had committed a murder who was now being punished for his sins. Although this man had committed the crime it was as though he had already given up on life before the event had occurred. This is the aspect of the song that may have intrigued me the most. The song gives the impression that the “poor boy” in which the story is being told about was considering…show more content…
This man loves his mother but is tired of life itself and looking for a way out. Feeling turned away from society and perhaps God himself, stating in the song “ Beezlebub has a devil put aside for me”. This song has a very depressing story that one may not have grasped without analyzing of the lyrics. The song “Bohemian Rhapsody” was released in 1975 as part of the still current postmodern period. Perhaps the popularity of the band and especially the hit single was the non-conventional aspects in relation to the era of its release. One of the emerging themes of the postmodern period is the idea of multiculturalism, or the acceptance of many different cultures within one community. The song ”Bohemian Rhapsody” employs this concept in relation to different cultures of music. According to…show more content…
He was sent to a boarding school in England when eventually his love for art and music emerged. He played the piano and sang in the school choir. He later increased his knowledge art and music while attending Art College. In the 1940s Rock and Roll was first established. The music scene was expanding. Motown became established and in the 1970s rap and hip hop where introduced. It wasn’t until 1970 after being in several different bands that Freddie Blusara became Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the band Queen formally known as Sour Milk. Freddie Mercury was practically born into the uprising music scene of the 1900s.Different styles and artists immerging and making their mark on the music industry. Although in this time period music wasn’t the only significant event on the uprising. Freddie was born just the end of World War II, and during his life time lasted the Cold War as long as the Vietnam War. Although the wars many not have directly affected Freddie or his nations, they were devastating to other countries of those involved. Particularly with the release of Bohemian Rhapsody at the end of the Vietnam War, the devastation of regret, and death was noted for the weight it could care on ones soul. The song speaking of a man repenting to his mother for the murder of another. War, murder and tragedy devastate the lives of those involved. People often take comfort and relate to music, this could

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