Analysis Of Bernard Goldberg's 'Bias'

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Bias Analysis #1: Long Editorial I know not one person whom believes that the new reported on television is not liberally biased. I often come home to find my father complaining about the media’s slant towards democratic views yet he is frequently preaching what they report as fact. These so called “truthful” accounts are delivered in a similar way as the orchestrated scenes of movie; just as movies are created to induce a certain emotion or address a question, media coverage is meant to fuel paranoia and incite a desire for change which would benefit a minority of people. In Bernard Goldberg’s book Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News, he attempts to tackle the issue of liberal media bias in the large East-coast news organizations. In his narrative, Goldberg begins by explaining his current situation of exile from media coverage despite his 28 years of service. He claims that the media is much like the mafia, especially in the sense that you’re supposed to keep your mouth shut about ‘dirty family business.’ Next he remarks about the two main types of people within the media circle: those, like Andrew Heyward, whom know about the liberal bias but do nothing about it, and those, like Dan Rather, who are in complete denial of it. After commenting on his ill situation and making a point about how much trouble he has gotten himself into by writing about an observation he made, he then continued his story by analyzing what makes the media liberally biased. According to Goldberg, neither a right-wing nut nor a…show more content…
The author states that the news room is full of people who identify themselves as democrats and it has also been documented that they have alternative views inconsistent with voter polls (132). Though the media enjoys preaching affirmative action and diversity amongst every other industry in the world, they practice contradictory hiring

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