Analysis Of Beowulf From Grendel's Perspective

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Beowulf – From Grendel’s Perspective Oh how that music burned him! That music full of gaiety and laughter. What right do these … MEN … have to come to his land and sing the songs and tales that so grate against his very soul! Grendel grew enraged at the audacity of these beings. They were so inferior to him that he would rather suffer the infernal fires of the deepest Hell than deal with that filth. It was bad enough the men had marred his land with one of their structures, but now they had the audacity to affront him with the name of the Creator! Grendel lasted but only a fortnight or so before his mind clouded over and he emerged from his moors to reap his vengeance on those churls that infested is land. The hall was of typical man…show more content…
A few of the men that Grendel had not dispatched arose and tried in vain to stab and slash at his hide, foolish men. The battle had reached it’s peak, neither Grendel nor this man tiring or giving way. It was then that Grendel felt a great wrench in his very soul, as if a hole had been punctured in his side with a spear. Though it wasn’t his blood spilling out, but that very substance which sustained him! Grendel felt his arms grow weak and his knees buckle under the great weight of the man. With a mighty heave, the man pulled upward and tore the arm from Grendel’s very shoulder. Grendel screamed in immortal agony as his limb was torn from him. His mind fogged over with red mist and he ran without thinking into the night, back to his lair. He lay there, alone and in such pain as no man can ever realize. For the creature Grendel was to be forever alone. He was to die alone and spend eternity alone in torment in the deepest hell for the crimes he had committed. As the water of the swamp became murky with his blood, one last thought formed on the lips of the demon Grendel, “Mother…” By Aaron
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