Analysis Of Arguments Against The Military Draft

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The Volunteer Army For One The military draft has always been and forever will be a hard sell to the American people. Namely because they wouldn’t want to fight in a war they could careless about. This attitude shows in our rapidly declining military reserves, when our nation is involved in two major wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The voices of the numerous protestors cry out the same three arguments into the media; It’s unfair! It’s against our rights! It’s authoritarian! These flaws are a matter of speculation and require much discussion, but that does not excuse the fact we shouldn’t consider it a viable alternative from our current volunteer based system. For the draft and the volunteer system is really quite one in the same. Let me elaborate. One of the aforementioned complaints was that it was “unfair”. How is a system that pools everyone together in a time of need unfair? The protestors are referring back to when the draft was put in place, wealthy families could make themselves exempt from service. With this in mind many claim it would be “the poor man fighting a rich man’s war”. Isn’t that what we have now? A majority of men and women are from a low income family. All of the numerous…show more content…
I mean it’s not like we venerate the surviving war heroes. It’s not like we mesmerize the youth of America with the elegance and almost artistic beauty of fiery explosions in today’s media. It’s not like we portray ourselves in the turmoil and turbulence with friends in simulated combat. Oops. We have embraced the idea of warfare so deeply in the consciousness of the American social structure we will have wanna-be soldiers by the time they’re six. So stop calling the proverbial kettle black and see what kind of nasty concoction is being brewed in your own burning
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