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Analysis Of Angela'S Ashes

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  • on March 15, 2009
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Angela’s Ashes

In the autobiographical book, Angela‘s Ashes, the Author Frank McCourt

confronts the theme of poverty and hunger as he grows up an Irish Catholic, in Limerick,

Ireland.   McCourt expresses his feelings and thoughts of his painful upbringing by

writing in first person, present tense 40 years after the events.   He uses setting, tone,

symbolism and imagery to describe the deprivation and hunger of his family.   McCourt’s

father, Malachy McCourt, the antagonist, jeopardizes his family by his irresponsible

which creates drinking creating the conflict.  

Frank McCourt was born in Brooklyn, New York.   His family moved to Limerick,

Ireland when he was five after the death of his sister, Margaret.   In Ireland he lived in

poverty with his mother, father, and three brothers.   The death of three siblings from

illness and deprivation set the tone for his memoirs.   As a young man of eighteen he

immigrated back to America for the opportunities he believed would be there.   For more

then thirty years he taught writing at a high school in New York City and dreamed of one

day becoming an author.   Writing the story of his childhood was his way of pursuing his

dream.   Angela‘s Ashes, McCourt’s “epic of woe,” won the Pulitzer Prize and the

National Book Critic’s Circle Award.

The setting of Angela’s Ashes is in Limerick, Ireland in the 1930‘s and 40‘s.   The

town is rural and there is a lot of rain and gloominess which also supports the tone of the

story which is gray, bleak, and cold.   “Out in the Atlantic Ocean great sheets of rain

gathered to drift slowly up the River Shannon and settle forever in Limerick.”   This gives

the reader the sense of no hope and continuous clouds.    

The impact of poverty and hunger on Frank and his family is a major theme in

Angela’s Ashes.   Meals are scant, rare and unsatisfactory.   “We have nothing but bread

and tea and she (Mam) doesn’t...

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