Analysis of an International Business

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Analyze the organization overall, its primary purpose, the customers that it serves, and its size. The organization I choose to discuss is Twinings. Thomas Twinings was an English merchant, and the founder of Twinings of London, a tea company. His first store, a coffee shop, was started in 1706 purchasing it from Thomas D’Aeth. In addition to coffee, Twining also sold tea, and got the reputation of having some of the finest blends in London. Soon he was selling more dry tea then brewed. At this point his focus became that of tea (1734). Today Twinings remains at the forefront of the tea industry, driving innovation and leading quality around the world. People have enjoyed their product for hundreds of years making it a leader in the beverage market. In the UK, Twinings organization had over 1,000 employees, which includes its directors as well as store employees. However, in 1964 Twining’s was acquired by ABF, Associated British Food plc.. ABF is known as being a diversified international food, ingredients and retail group with sales of over $202 billion in American currency and 106,000 employees in 47 countries. Their four main market segments are ingredients, retail, primary food and agriculture and grocery. We're a part of ABF alongside other big household names like Silver Spoon, Kingsmill, Allisons and Jordans & Ryvita. Examine the common HR challenges that the organization currently faces (e.g., high turn-over, low wages, lack of skilled workers, etc.). There are several problems that the company faced in 2010 (the most current I could find). One challenge that the organization is currently facing is losing its skilled workers because of such high pay (and the fact the company is moving its production plant). They have hired new inexperienced people and have the people that are being let go train them. This should have been a red flag to the HR
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