Analysis Of Ad "Evolution" By Dove

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Lisha Lin Dr. Jordan Stouck English 112 14 March 2012 Critique of Dove’s advertising “Evolution” The film “Evolution” by Dove, depicts how a makeup company reforms a ordinary girl, who looks far defined from supermodels, to become a perfect looking girl for their billboard advertisement via various changes both on the lady herself and post production (Unilever). The film criticizes the mass media have set the ideal body standard and ideal beauty of women as the stereotype which is unattained and prejudiced for year. The things people see from the media every day and the figures people has been admire all the time, are no longer reliable or true. The film has passed this message with a clever use of contrastive speed layout, and influential wording make the film highly effective to build Dove’s brand personality. Brand personality not only means assigning human’s personality traits or characteristic to a brand, but also features like age, gender and psychographic feature; it sets the feelings of customers about a brand. Apparently, the elements of Dove’s brand personality that is in term of feminity, optimist, and natural, reflect in the way Dove speaks and behaves and even the look and feel of its marketing activity (Management Study Guide). Since the first Dove’s soap bar has launched in the market in 1957, the global body-cleansing brand Dove always maintains its belief of true beauty, which is represented in terms of natural and confident but not anxiety. In 2004, Dove launched the Campaign for Real Beauty to appeal the whole world to pay attention to as well as redefine beauty and ideal image of female("Dove"), because dominant number of women show dissatisfaction of their body image and the number continued rise in amazing speed. The essential reason is the unethical mass media and most beauty industry has been defining the ideal beauty of women as an

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