Analysis of Act 3, Scene 1, Lines 48-59 – the Tempest

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ENGL 1111 October 30th 2011 ANALYSIS OF ACT 3, SCENE 1, LINES 48-59 – THE TEMPEST The speakers in this passage are Miranda and Ferdinand and here we see Miranda telling Ferdinand of her innocence. The play has to make an effort to overcome the implausibility of this courtship to make Miranda look like something more than Prospero’s puppet and a fool for the first man she sees. Shakespeare accomplishes this by showing Ferdinand in one kind of servitude in which he must literally and physically humble himself as he talks earnestly about another kind of servitude, in which he gives himself wholly to Miranda. The fact that Miranda speaks of a similar servitude of her own accord, that she remembers her father’s “precepts” and then disregards them, and that Prospero remains in the background without interfering helps the audience to trust this meeting between the lovers more than their first meeting in Act I, scene ii. This further enhances the theme of Masters and Servants which is visible throughout the play. There is also a revolving theme of servitude throughout the play whether by force or not . Ariel serving Prospero in an attempt to be free his spirit, Caliban being forced by Prospero to serve him as punishment , Ferdinand serving Prospero willingly because of his love for Miranda and Miranda serving Ferdinand in a different way; she serves him in that she professes love for him and offers him love, devotion and herself. In the previous lines before Act 3, Scene 1, lines 48-59, Ferdinand professes love to Miranda and tell her that although he has loved/liked other women before her, there was something different about her. They are in the process of falling in love and they don't see the thickened plot around them. Miranda and Ferdinand symbolize something ominous about Prospero’s power. “Sweet lord, you play me false,” Miranda says, and Ferdinand assures

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