Analysis of a Psychological Disorder

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Analysis of A Psychological Disorder Valerie Johnson Abnormal Psychology/PSY270 November 19, 2012 Living with any kind of mood disorder hinders different aspects of a persons’ life. This kind of mental impairment hurts a persons’ functioning process involving their mental, behavioral, emotional, and motivational standpoints. During these episodes normal thought patterns, emotions, or behaviors will hinder their daily functions in their own lives. Mood disorders are real and deserve to be recognized and treated as a real disorder. As with this case, I will try to identify and rationalize the best possible care for her potential psychological problems. Ariela’s symptoms seem to be best describes as a case of Bipolar Disorder. The four promising clues that may be causing her disorder can be linked to the brain structure, neurotransmitter activity, genetic factors, and ion activity found in the most recent biological research. She has symptoms that indicate that she may be suffering from bipolar disorder itself with the severe mood swings and euphoric feelings. Many describe their life as an emotional roller coaster, as they shift back and forth between extreme moods (Corner, 2011). She describes feeling like she’s on an emotional roller coaster as one of her symptoms. This helps to make it that much more apparent that she may be dealing with one of the types of this disorder. Although brain structure may be a potential cause for this disorder, there’s not any concrete evidence to back it up. In most that suffer with this disorder, she could have a smaller cerebellum and basal ganglia. Brain imaging and postmortem studies have identified a number of abnormal brain structures in people with bipolar disorders (Corner, 2011). Other concerns lead to the neurotransmitter activity because, there’s been a link to the possibility

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