Analysis: Keep It, Or Let It Go

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Selene Chino Final Paper Professor Kenneth McGuire Criminal Justice 1010 Keep It, Change It, Or Let It Go? Not all laws from our past have been useful to us such as allowing slavery, discrimination, limiting voting rights and many other things that have drastically changed. So why do we keep trial by jury? Trial by jury according to the dictionary by Farlex is a trial of a lawsuit or criminal prosecution in which the case is presented to a jury and the factual questions and the final judgment are determined by a jury. There are certain reasons as to why a trial by jury is not effective such as the jurors may be misled, uninterested, and maybe unwilling to be there but is somewhat forced the outcome of a trial could end in any amount of…show more content…
Such as you have to be a citizen, eighteen years of age, healthy enough to be in a trial, not convicted of any felonies, able to read, write, and comprehend the English language, and be sufficiently intelligent to understand the issues of a trial. After all of this, there is a screening process where potential jurors must give many details of their lives to rule out any biased decisions they might make. The prosecution and the defense have the last say on the jurors; it’s like handpicking the people that will choose a person’s fate. If either side feels a juror is unfit they can be challenged. There have been several cases of mistrials due to media and how much access there is available to all of the public, especially to jurors wanting to do their own research. Even though they are instructed to not speak of the ongoing case, since then laws have been imposed to stop this. Jurors use the media and internet mainly to learn more, they want to know more than what is being said in court regardless if it’s true facts or not. They are capable of sharing this information with other jurors and tainting the whole case; by having just one person being too curious may be enough to throw a whole case…show more content…
In January of this year, a judge in Luzerne County, Pa., was forced to acquit a man charged with homicide and first-degree murder in the death of a 1-year-old, and declare a mistrial on a number of other counts, after the court found out a juror had independently done online research about injuries sustained by the victim, and possibly offered to share her knowledge with the other jurors.” Imagine letting this happen to thousands of felons and then granting them freedom that they don’t deserve, just because jurors are careless. They are sworn to "to base your verdict solely upon the evidence” which they are not doing and are apparently taking the cases into their own hands and looking for other evidence that most likely is not

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