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Epidemiology, Description, Analysis, and Barriers in Health for Alzheimer’s Disease Danielle Fisher HCA 415 Tynan Weed October 1st, 2012 When communities get together for discussing the health problems in the area, a lot of thought is put into what issues get the attention needed to help with solving the overall health problem. Alzheimer’s disease is a common health problem for the Midwest, and with Iowa being in the middle of it all the community and public health make it their job to figure out how to prevent further breakdowns of the disease. “Federal officials on May 15th (2012) announced that as much as $156 million in funding has been committed or proposed for research on the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD),”…show more content…
As for overall major health concerns, there have not been any large outbreaks in disease, but with the exception of Alzheimer’s. Some demographic statistics in the developed countries have already been cited in the context of risk factors for AD and public health concerns related to the disorder. Relatively little is known about the demographics of AD and other forms of dementia in the developing countries. The general public in the Midwest can be affected by the disease with it just simply showing up in their own family trees, because Alzheimer’s disease is a genetic disease, which means it runs in family lines. With the Iowa population the community members affected by Alzheimer’s the most are elderly aged 65 years and older, female and Caucasian in race. In the state of Iowa alone there are about 4,000 elderly women struggling with the disease in two counties…show more content…
Describing the disease, explaining the epidemiology of the Midwest, researching local resources, identifying health barriers, discussing the stakeholders and recommendations for the further prevention of Alzheimer’s disease in the Midwest have all been in details above. There is no known cure for the disease, and there are still many things that need to be researched before there is a cure for it, but overall, with the current medical advances and technology there is more hope now then there was before and that’s a step in the right direction. References: Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. Retrieved on October 1st. From URL: Biron, K. E., Dickstein, D. L., Gopaul, R., & Jefferies, W. A. (2011). Amyloid Triggers Extensive Cerebral Angiogenesis Causing Blood Brain Barrier Permeability and Hypervascularity in Alzheimer’s Disease. Plos ONE, 6(8), 1-10. Retrieved on September 25th. From URL: Dilworth-Anderson, P., Pierre, G., & Hilliard, T. S. (2012). Social Justice, Health Disparities, and Culture in the Care of the Elderly. Journal Of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 40(1), 26-32. Retrieved on September 25th. From URL:

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