Analysis Essay Of An Advertisement

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The Analysis of an advertisement I choose an advertisement from Time magazine. It is about the timelines activity of It provides the readers with the chance of choosing the pictures to build up a story of a celebrity or a historic moment. The advertisement introduces the main ideas of the project. And it presents the features of the project in a very clear way. The link to the website is also showed. So if you want to try it, you can type in the website address at one and get there. It is important that the advertisement make sure that the product is available. I think the target audience is generally all the age groups, but the most interest group should be the young. The young people spend a lot of time in computers and Internet. But now people of all age groups use computers and Internet as part of life. A person, who is over 60 or 70 years old, might never tried computers before but now is addicted in chatting online. Internet creates a new world for all people. So the target audience of this advertisement can be people of all age groups, of all races, and of all education backgrounds. However, the people who are most likely attracted to the advertisement are the people who use Internet regularly, especially those who love online community, such as Facebook, My Space and Twitter. It is a typical product in digital age. In the Digital age, the way of communication is changing in an unexpected way. For business, tons of new ideas about digital product arise
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