Analysis and Comments on seven habits

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Introduction The book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, tells me that it is half success only on the success of career. It is fully success when we take care of our career, family, relationship and personal development well. If we want to be successful, then we have to start from our habits. Habits are the key of success or failure. It implies we have to change, starting from internal personality to external personality. Analysis and Comments on seven habits Habit 1 Be Proactive If you don’t walk forward, who else can make you walk forward? Therefore, being proactive is the principle of personal vision. In my opinion, people are always looking for excuses to be lazy, and then waste their life in the excuses. One of the big differences between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people would achieve their goals and dreams proactively and better their life. The meaning of being proactive is not only to take action, but also personal responsibility. Action depends on personal responsibility, not external environment. Habit 2 Begin with the End in Mind People always lose direction in our life and waste time. High effectively people know how to design their future. They would make plan on their behavior, like who they are going to be, what they are going to do, what they are going to have. Therefore, “begin with the end in mind” tell us how to lead ourselves to do and plan things, and make sure our behavior is as same as our planning. It is the principle of personal leadership. Habit 3 Put First Things First Time is limited for everyone. So we have to do the first things first. What are first things? First things are something that is valuable for us, our life, our career and even our goals. “Put first things first” is the principle of personal management. Effective people do not have a lot of important and urgent

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