Analysis: Cite The Pledge Of Allegiance

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Joe Thompson II February 2013 “Do not give away what so many have worked so hard for.” In their lives when most of them grew up they all had just one dream, to one day be successful and raise a family. Most people call this the American dream. Wake up, go to school, Cite the Pledge of Allegiance, Say a prayer, and have a nice well rounded learning experience every day in the classroom. After graduating from high school, marry the high school sweetheart, have two or more children, normally at least one boy and one girl in a perfect world but then again, what is normal anymore? Letting the mother stay home and raise the children and teach them morals and values carried on one generation after the next. The father could go out and be the bread…show more content…
Get out and make a change in their community. Let their voice be heard and vote. But do it with a little intelligence, they are being deceived. They are being lied to by the very greedy people they vote in to office to take care of these issues for them. Understand that greed drives the system they have before them. The pay that these people receive is ungodly. “Unlike Mr. Bently from Alabama, who forgoes his governors’ salary (Dewan p.A13)”. Most other leaders make ten times the income that one is being expected to raise a family of four on. This is just what they are paid, on top of this; they are receiving unfathomable amounts of money by power hungry companies. But this money is not given to them; it’s given to their cause. Given to an entity called a super pack. A group of people and companies that’s soul purpose is to create and change the laws to benefit who? Corporations? Oh yeah, they are people too, aren’t they? Not really, but the law says they are. So they think they can buy elections and control the lives and the pursuit of happiness; driving the people into slavery to produce more wealth for them and the people get to eat the crumbs. Just think, they get upset when one wants to stop them, their feelings get hurt when one talks of “class warfare (Frank p.A25)”. It makes them think back to history class when they were taught about how Marie Antoinette ruled her people into poverty. “Let them eat cake” she said, not even understanding that she had taxed and robbed them of the wealth that they needed to purchase the food they need to live, let alone any
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