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This book is about a bunch of animals that chased their farmer out of the farm and decided to run the farm themselves. It all begins with a boar named Old Major that had a dream of animals roaming free in the plains, free of human control. After Old Major dies, three pigs named Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer work together to help his dream come true. Everything goes well at first but corruption is slowly seen in greater degrees throughout the book. This book is symbolic to the Soviet Union, which was a communist state. Old Major is the equivalent of Lenin. Napoleon is Stalin and Snowball is Trotsky. The two engage in a power struggle in which Napoleon emerges victorious. Under Napoleon, corruption deepens. The animals on the farm are manipulated to work under the impression of having a better life. Their work, however, was to the benefit of the pigs. They did not receive any of the benefits. The main idea of this book is that rule under Napoleon was no different that rule under Mr. Jones. Two main characters were boxer and Napoleon. Napoleon was a fat boar who loved to be complimented and was seen at the top of the social hierarchy. He often deceived the animals into working by the help of his persuasive comrade, Squealer. He was greedy and kept most of the profit and earning of the farms to himself. He indulged in the animals labor. Boxer was the hardest working character in the story. We follow the life of this strong horse up to the very day he dies. He questioned nothing and believed all that was told to him. He worked harder for a greater future. Boxer represents all the people that was deceived and tricked into working. I liked the fact that this book incorporated a lot of historical facts into its making. It was interesting seeing the symbolic nature of Animal Farm and the Soviet Union. I also liked the fact that every character
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