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English 200 Analysis #1 In the article “The $1 Trillion Student Loan Rip-Off…” Alex Pareene accurately states that eventually student loans will be greater than $1 trillion in 2012 with the assistance of for-profit colleges. The author states that younger generations are being duped into being charged too high a price for degrees at for-profit colleges that are only interested in acquiring financial aid for students from the government. Paying for schooling is pricey enough without the young and impoverished being swindled into borrowing more money to work towards obtaining a degree that can conceivably secure their futures. Unknowingly the opposite is occurring, younger generations and financially strapped individuals are setting their selves up for futures laden with debt and financial struggles. The insincere assurances dished out by the for-profit colleges are fueling the drive of these hopeful students in succeeding at a college that is essentially entrapping them with future financial burdens. The author recognizes the effect of the awful bankruptcy bill of 2005 that prevents student loans from being relieved through bankruptcy. How is the economy expected to move forward and flourish when Congress is erecting barriers such as these? It is the belief of the author that even with an adequate paying job any money that graduates generate in the future will go towards negligent student loans as opposed to something useful and beneficial for the economy. Supposedly for-profit colleges were established to help students work towards brighter futures and financial security. Assumedly Congress was erected to protect the interest of the People. If this is so, why does Congress continue to allow bills to be passed that enable for-profit colleges to “collect by almost any means they deem necessary,” ensnaring unsuspecting individuals with massive debt? It is no

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