Analysis: Are Americans Over Medicating Themselves

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Tara Hill Professor: Dr. Vidourk February 5, 2012 Reading Reaction Paper Are Americans over medicating themselves? “Are Americans Over medicating Themselves” The article discusses the benefits that can help you and the malfunction that can hurt you when taking these drugs. These medications can be beneficial and harmful to an individual with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or recurring chronic illness. The article often discusses the manufacture of new drugs before releasing them to the public. The article really focuses on many doctors that prescribe medications without realizing the consequences of their chronic illness already and what a new medication will do to them. A major aspect of this article is Senior Citizens…show more content…
The reason I say this is Too Much Too Soon was a quote from the article that means to me is by Obama taking so much from the Medicaid system it did not benefit for the senior citizens it hurt senior citizens. These senior citizens have to use other family member’s prescriptions because they cannot afford their own prescription co payments and end up harming themselves in the outcome. This brings me to a quote from the article “Too much, Too soon? Will be a godsend to uninsured diabetics who have had to struggle in order to pay for their daily medications or the ones who have to stop because it’s too costly. The research has a level of about 7.5 percent with lowest rate of heart rate problems or deaths”. Over medicating can be a particular problem for seniors. More than half of them take 3 or more medications per day. Drug interactions can be worse than the disease. If they cannot afford the amount for medication copay then they may hold out just to be able to save for another week or so. This brings me to the article mentioned below and an example of that is an episode in Special Victims Unit where there was a patient in a nursing home and he had to take a certain medication to treat his mental illness and the nursing home did not provide to him because they could not afford it. “Some 22 percent of Massachusetts nursing home residents taking antipsychotics in 2009 who did not have conditions called for these sedative like drugs. San Francisco Public Health Director Mitchell Katz said that 60-70 percent of people taking these drugs should not”. Anti-depressants have been helpful to those suffering with major depression to being down in the

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