Analysis "Angus Thongs And Full Frontal Snogging"

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The novel Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging was written by Louise Rennison and copyrighted in 1999 with 234 pages of story as well as 13 pages of “Georgia’s Glossary”. It is a young adult real-life comedic fiction novel that keeps the reader laughing from start to finish. The focus of this book is the life of fourteen-year-old Georgia Nicholson, a British teenager struggling to understand herself over the course of the school year. The focus ties into the genre because the author portrays characters that the reader can identify with, feel empathy for, and laugh at because they too can understand the challenges and situations that the characters face. The mood, tone, and diction add heavily to the novel because the author expresses her opinions about teenagers through the funny thoughts expressed in Georgia’s journal. This novel is entertaining as the reader witnesses the hilarious situations that Georgia gets herself into. They are reiminescent of real-life situations and struggles of typical teenagers. Georgia is the quintessential teenage girl. She is trying to understand boys and she is in the years in which she is maturing from a child to a woman. This brings naïve Georgia to question her bodily changes: “I’ve just found out I’ve got hairs growing out of my armpits. How did they get there? They weren’t there yesterday […] I’ve got some on my legs as well. I’d better distract myself by getting rid of them with Mum’s razor.” (Rennison 166-167). Because Georgia thinks she has discovered new and “better” ways of doing things, she gets herself into some precarious situations. This makes the reader laugh even harder only because it reminds them of all the “better” ways they came up with as a young teenager. One example is when Geogia thought her eyebrows were uneven. She decided using her dad’s razor would be easier and less painful than plucking.

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