Analysis and Evaluation of Toyota’s Marketing Strategy

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INTRODUCTION 2 PART 1: Situation analysis: ● Customer analysis and target market 2 ● Competitor analysis 4 ● Industry analysis 5 ● SWOT analysis 8 ● Recommendation 10 PART 2: Marketing plan: ● Marketing objectives 10 ● Marketing mix strategies 11 ● Action programs - timeline 12 CONCLUSION 13 REFERENCES 14 APPENDIX 16 ------------------------------------------------- Analysis and evaluation of Toyota’s Marketing Strategy Abstract This report is made based on the Toyota Motor Vietnam Company, an international company with many years of working in different countries. This report aims to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges faced by Toyota Vietnam in business. Since then, the company can choose the marketing strategy, media targeting the market segment in Vietnam. In addition, said the report also explains the influence of cultural, social, political and economic with Toyota's business activities and along with suggestions for improving and developing business activities in Vietnam. The problem that managers face is always a hot topic in the business of Toyota Vietnam. Introduction Today, Toyota's automotive industry is growing rapidly in many countries around the world. Under the development, Toyota becomes one of the largest manufacturers in the world. Only in July 2012, the company has produced 200 million vehicles. In addition, Toyota's automotive industry in Vietnam has considerable achievements as production capacity is 36,500 vehicles/year/2 working shifts, over 1,600 employees… This shows the remarkable development of Toyota in Vietnam. However, during the world economic crisis, Toyota Vietnam is facing many problems need to be addressed. The following report below will look at the factors affecting the company's business activities. From there, make suggestions on marketing strategy

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