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ANALYSIS OF THE VIETNAMESE COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE MARKET STRATEGIC INVESTMENT IMPLICATIONS FOR EVERGREEN PROPERTIES OF MICHIGAN, INC. LAHTI UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Degree programme in International Business Thesis Spring 2013 Bui Thi Hien Thao (Ruby Bui) Lahti University of Applied Sciences Degree Programme in International Business BUI THI HIEN, THAO: Analysis of the Vietnamese commercial real estate market Strategic investment implications for Evergreen Properties of Michigan, Inc. Bachelor’s Thesis in International Business, 94 pages, 6 pages of appendices Spring 2013 ABSTRACT In the last decade, Vietnam has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The Vietnamese commercial real estate industry is among markets attracting a major share of foreign investment. Consequently, a medium-sized real estate company in the U.S. raised its interest in the new market and assigned the author to do initial market research. This research aims at assisting the case company in answering the question of whether investment in Vietnam should be added to its growth strategies. In order to achieve this purpose, the case company requested the author to focus on different aspects such as: relevant information about Vietnam as a target country, characteristics of the Vietnamese commercial real estate industry, and strategic investment implications in light of the case company’s current situation. A combination of theories is adopted to facilitate the process of gathering the requested information. This process involves the external analysis of Vietnam and the Vietnamese commercial real estate industry, the internal analysis of the case company, and strategy formulation with international entry mode selection. An inductive approach is employed in parallel with a qualitative research method in this thesis. Data is collected from various sources,

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