Analysis About “Letter from Birmingham Jail”

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Analysis about “Letter from Birmingham Jail” The letter from Birmingham Jail is an open letter that was written on April sixteen 1963 by an American civil rights leader, Martin Luther King junior. Dr. King drafted the letter when he was in the city jail in Birmingham, Alabama. In the letter we saw that how Dr. King quoted convictive examples to support his points, especially about the topic “What is the justice”. In his statements he built a strong belief about the call of unity between negros and others. But to analyze the whole paper, in some cases I think Dr. King didn’t go far enough about his theses. In the letter he disapproved the statement of white clergymen with an almost appeasing tone. Dr. King noted that he was addressing them in part because the criticism of clergymen was sincere and added that they were men of real good will. However, in the paragraphs that follow, King changes to a language that can depart no doubt about the firm commitment that he introduced to the battle against racial injustice. For this transition Dr. King made a fuzzy statement to persuade them with the ideas of the justice and equality. After he gave the reason that “I am in Birmingham because injustice is here”, he didn’t point out how the injustice exists and be influential, though he expressed superficial arguments but that seems not far enough. Martin Luther King reminded the white clergymen that all the horrors of the holocaust were lawful according to Hitler, and on the other hand, the activities of Hungarian freedom fighters who attempted to break the soviet occupation's yoke in 1956, were unlawful by the standards placed in Moscow. He quotes St. Augustine assertion, which states that unjust law is not a law at all. Compare with another point, which stood by “Justice too long delayed is justice denied”, this thesis is not mature completely with meaningless
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