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The Spread of Police Brutality 1 The Spread of Police Brutality and its Effects on American Citizens Maria Matrosova Northern Illinois University 2 Citizens are always reassured that police officers are strong, kind men and women who are there anytime of day or night to serve and protect us. They fight crime and save lives everyday keeping our neighborhoods safe. For the past five decades, american government has been on official indifference and cover-up when it comes to prosecuting the police for citizen brutality. Furthermore, police officers have been over stepping their authority by abusing and beating citizens when they are surrendering and not fighting back. Although it has been an ongoing issue nation wide, one particular case has boomed a new social movement, protests, and outrage. Moore (2014) suggests that the August 9th shooting of 18 year-old Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri following the rise of stand-your-ground laws, brought the committee to express deep concerns about the ways in which the American justice system handles racially-charged events. The unarmed African American teenager what fatally shot twelve times by a white Ferguson police officer after Mr. Brown was suspected of robbing a convenience store. This case was also the wake of a racial conflict of african americans being arrested or killed by white officers. According to PBS news (2014), blacks accounted for 86% of all traffic stops in Ferguson and were two times as likely to be searched compared to whites. That is just one case of clear racial profiling when it comes to police brutality. Although race does play a huge role in many major police beatings and shootings, African Americans are not the only ones affected by this cruelty. I have read countless cases on police brutality, and what I have gathered is that teens of all races and women

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