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ENC 2300_006 2/27/2014 Speech, Draft A Don’t Run away from Success It’s my second semester in college and I’m already experiencing what college is really about. As I check my grades on IRattler, my teeth are clinched tightly; my hands are full of cold sweat in hopes that my grade point average is still high enough to continue my education. While I jump for joy I realize that my fear is based on failing something I am extremely passionate about; my education. People often treat failure as a terminal illness or something they are constantly plagued by. Reality is failure is not the Bubonic Plague. Failure is not the Black Death. Failure should be embraced and treated as a part of your pursuit to success and living. Failure can prevent a person from realizing who they really are; failure will keep a lifeless person still because of the fear of shame and embarrassment. The goal that a person has the most passion about will most likely be the goal that a person will be most afraid of failing. The more passionate you have for a certain goal should be matched by “positive failing”. If you are failing and getting closer to achieving your goal, you have not failed you are still in pursuit of achieving your goals. Don’t give up yet! While watching I note that TEDxKnoxville speaker, Austin Church states, “you can use old ideas to make new connections”. This is absolutely correct because while it is true that you may fail, it is also true that you fail moving in an upward motion towards success. Now, success does not mean a point of perfection, it simply means the achievement of what you intend to do. If you can keep using the same method; practice and perfect the method you are using you will note the technique that works best for you and live a life wanting to try new experiences and learn new information regardless of the

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