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BUFFET STYLE AT CAFÉ EAST YOLANDA GUNNER DEVRY UNIVERSITY Eating at different places has its advantages and disadvantages. Café East has become a personal favorite for me and my family. Upon the entrance there is someone there greeting and the wait is never a long one. When eating buffet style at any place there are many different aspects that you must look for. There must be a variety of main dishes as well as desserts; the seating must have different set-ups, and the price should not be more than $12.00 per adult plate and the kids pricing should go by age. The visit at Café East is one of many that we have encountered. Each time we have visited there it has been a new main dish that they have implied and one of the least favorite dishes has been removed. This means they take their customers complaints are just being dissatisfied with a dish into concentration. The meat selections are beef, pork and chicken that are prepared in wonderful different ways. Chicken there will be a baked are fried to select from. The beef selections are nice lean cuts of meat and the sauce is that sweet and sour taste to it. Pork is mostly the ribs that are nice and meaty. The desserts always include the different ice cream flavors to top off the meal, as well as rice crisp treats a classic. Just enough room to navigate between the two set-ups. The setting should be set were you can have a party of ten comfortable and not everyone hitting elbows will trying to enjoy their meal. Enough space to navigate through sections without running into people chair. It should be mandatory that kids under the age of ten should have their parents with them and not running all over the place. No one wants to have their outing to be interrupted by little kids playing in between the chairs are around the food for that matter. It ruining the atmosphere of peace

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