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Question: How is the character of Elle represented in the film ‘Legally Blonde’? Answer: Legally Blonde is a comedy film starring Reece Witherspoon, who plays the part of a fashion merchandising major, Elle Woods. When Elle is dumped by her boyfriend, Warner, because she is not ‘serious’ enough, she decides to follow him to Harvard Law school and try and win him back. But she finds that during her absence, Warner has become engaged with fellow student, Vivian Kensington. To make things worse, she is constantly criticised by her professors and classmates. Elle is not disheartened, rather she studies hard and achieves excellent grades. She finally proves the power of blondes by winning a court case, using her knowledge…show more content…
The continuous use of pink is highly significant, because it is usually associated with women. The opening titles are written in pink curly font, illustrating women’s feminity and figure. The audience is introduced Elle, by being shown different parts of her body, for example, an extreme close of her glossy blonde hair, Elle painting her nails, and a close up of her slipping her feet into sparkling pink shoes. This gives the audience the first impression that she is the typical…show more content…
She has proved everyone wrong, and discovered that has she is more intelligent than she had ever realised. Another similar stereotype is also explored in the film. Men who have good knowledge about fashion are thought to be gay, as shown in the scene when Enrique says ‘Don't stomp your little last season Prada shoes at me, honey’. Elle realises that he is gay, on the basis that straight men have no knowledge about fashion. In this scene, this stereotype is upheld, but is not necessarily always true. The film ends, with Elle being graduated with high honors and a recommendation to one of the country’s most successful law firms. In the subtitles, we are also told that Warner had been dumped by Vivian and had now graduated with no honors and girlfriend. Vivian was now Elle’s best friend. This causes the audience to compare Elle’s situation when she had started at Harvard and how she was graduating. All those who had scorned at her were now in much lower positions than she

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