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Analysing images denotation and connotation My stimulus is a picture which appears to be of a stereotypical teenage girl’s bag, with a pink makeup bag situated in the middle of the bag above a pink purse, pink handles, a pink teddy bear clipped onto the side. There is also a pink mobile phone and hair clip. On a darker note, there is a contraception leaflet, Marlboro light’s cigarettes and a red durex condom. But, outside the bag the atmosphere is set in an even darker tone, with alcohol and drugs. The items outside the bag consist of a bag of marijuana, rizla rolling papers, which are a reddish colour. And a bottle of vodka with a red screw top. However also outside of the bag lying next to the marijuana is a red chuppa chubs lollipop. The connotations of the image are somewhat positive, for example the colour pink represents peace, and prosperity along with the cuddly, safe atmospherical Mecca which accompanies a teddy bear. The leaflet and the condom connotate that the owner of the bag isn’t dumb plus she is able to look after herself. But in complete contrast the cigarettes represent otherwise, as cigarettes lead to heath problems and ultimately a early death. The contents of the bag stereotype a regular teenage girl. But on the other hand, the pink could be luring you into a false sense of security until you lay your eyes upon the contents situated outside of the bag. The outside of the bag sets a dark and frown upon atmospherical tone. I feel that the photographer chose to include the drugs and alcohol to try and represent that all teen age girls have secret “not so innocent” lives. The image originally comes from the daily express news paper, which is targeted to middle aged intellectual men and women, which is primarily read by parents of the educated class. I feel that this is an extremely accurate representation of teenage girls and there “secret”

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